Orient Factory


Since ORIENT SOGYO was established in 1972 in Nagoya, she has been surrounded by many customers, suppliers, employees and their families.

In December 2015 ORIENT expanded the business by relocating to new HQ and factory in Kasugai, Aichi.

ORIENT SOGYO is committed to sustainable growth and will continuesly upgrade herself to meet the present and future challenges.

Product name : Water Based Gravure Printing, OSG-SDX Premium model

OSG-SDX is the Flag-ship Machine. Excellent design and high quality parts pursuing the latest water based gravure printing technologies.

Product name : OSG-HEXII High Grade model

OSG-HEXII is ORIENT's most popular model. It can be widely adapted to various custom needs.
ORIENT is constantly improving it based on customer needs.

Product name : OSG-A Compact model

OSG-A contribute to high productivity in short-run-jobs by Space saving, Energy-saving and Ink-saving.


Product name : DL / Dry Laminator.

Equiped with a Chamber doctor, Sleeve impression system and Accumulator rewinding system.
This promises the highest laminating performance as the Premium model.


Product name : MDL / Medium Web width Dry Laminator.

Minimum space, energy and work force is required.
MDL is the best partner of digital printing and medium web converting.


Product name : ONS / Solvent-Free Laminator.

Ensuring mechanical coating accuracy and amazing stability at high speed operation. ONS promises no stress and reliable laminating.

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