TKM Magflux

Product name: TKM Mag-Flux

Eliminates the presence of metal particles in your ink system.

In gravure and flexo printing, regardless to stringent housekeeping standards ink contaminants get trapped below the doctor blade which leads to printing defects in the form of “streaks” or “drags”, scored anilox rolls / chrome cylinders, downtime and higher wastage rate.


The origins of contaminants in your ink system:

  • Corrosion from solvent in the supply lines (attracts to magnet)
  • Chips of Chrome & Nickle from engraved cylinder (attracts to magnet)
  • Ferrous particles due to natural doctor blade wear (attracts to magnet)
  • Hardened ink particles that have bonded to the inner walls of the delivery/return hoses; often releasing unexpectedly.