ENERCON Blown Ion Plasma Treater

Enercon’s Blown Ion Plasma Technology delivers highly effective treatment for both conductive and non-conductive surfaces prior to bonding with inks, coatings, & adhesives.</p>

Enercon plasma treaters bombard surfaces with a high speed discharge of ions to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces. Its focused treatment works well with flat surfaces and difficult to reach recesses. Models are available with either one or two treatment heads in both standard and Pro Series configurations.

  • Compact Foot Print
  • Easy Set-up
  • Reliable Industrial Design
  • Intelligent Operation
  • Self Monitoring Performance

Easy Set Up

  • Intelligent Universal voltage 120v/208-240v
  • Standard compressed air
  • Custom engineered shielded cable for maximum flexibility & durability
  • Intelligent Operation
  • Easily mounted in any configuration

Enercon Blown Ion plasma treaters may be integrated with robotics for applications requiring precise treatment paths or mounted over a conveyor or indexing systems.