One Box Vision System

Easy to use

Inspection solution for plastic film at a low cost fly
The SurfaceFlow system is a low cost, high performance solution to inspect for defects on webs and sheets. The algorithm will detect any anomalies in what should be a homogeneous material. It's used as a quality and process control solution for the plastic film industry. Inspect clear, translucent, pigmented, blown, cast, oriented or calendared film or sheets.

Installed on the extruder, coating line, lamination lines or finishing department , the system detects all defects such as gels, carbons, inclusions, dirt , insects, die lines, holes, tears , smears, and more.

A colored alarm light tower can alert an operator immediately when a defect is detected, according to predefined quality thresholds. The system visually indicates the position and the nature of all detected defects on screen. The operator can then address the problem, and correct the relevant defect reducing inline waste. It automatically records the relevant defect information in the database reporting mechanism which enable easy tracking of the marked defects for later analysis and cleaning.

Marking devices may be added or stopping a line in order to remove defective product. The system operation is easy and operators can be trained in minutes. The setup for a job is performed in a guided sequence, is intuitive, and is self-explanatory. It is self adaptive so sets itself up so the operator does not have to make adjustments.