E-Saver & Heat Pump systems

Features and Benefits :

  • Reduction of Energy
    Saving 70% of cost of hot air dry energy was applied as exhaust heat recovery with a heat pump and a high efficiency inverter etc.
  • Improvement of work area environment
    Summer cooling efficiency is improved because the exhaust temperature is maintained at a low level at 20~30℃. Noise is reduced significantly by applying a soundproof case.
  • Improve product quality
    The dry air is supplied cleanly through PRE and MEDIUM FILTER
  • Activated carbon dust collector efficiency is increased
    Improve the efficiency of activated carbon as the exhaust temperature is kept around 20~30℃.
  • Increase of drying efficiency
    Products will reduce the residual solvent by using only pure energy that does not contain the residual solvent.
  • Reduction of TOE & TCO2
    Compared with an electric heater will consume 30% of the power.


Principle of E-SAVER & Heat Pump

Main Features of E-SAVER & Heat Pump

Integrated unit

  • Easy to replace existing facilities
  • Efficiency of space
  • Durability and no vibration

Pure heat energy recovery system

  • Waste heat recovery using heat pumps
  • Using dry temperature 45~135℃

Automatic control of Temp &Air volume

  • Process control with temp. and air volume
  • Accuracy control of temperature and air volume with figures
  • Touch Screen Display

Noise reduction using Turbo-fan

  • Soundproofed case with air gap
  • Direct-coupled Turbo Fan

E-SAVER system

Energy Saving

  • Energy saving efficiency (approx. 60~85%)

Data Control

  • Not Experience Control
  • All Major Factors will be controlled based on Actual Figures precisely.
  • Anybody can perform the best job condition easily.

Job Standardization

  • All Job Condition will be on Data-base. (Temp / Air volume / Air Blance)
  • Always be performed the best job condition based on Data-Base specification automatically.

Wastages Minimization

  • No spend any useless time & raw materials only for the initial job setting.
  • No Non-Drying Wastages Possibility due to job condition change (No solvent retention issue)
  • No solvent retention issue / No low bonding strength issue.

E-SAVER Drying System

Harmonization of energy recovery and systematic drying technology.